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2 Way Universal Tube Repair Patches

This Universal Tube Repair Patches is made of heavy-duty construction and designed to repair large puncture-related tube flats typically found on ATVs, lawn mowers, trailers and wheelbarrows. various sizes meet your repair needs,dia 25mm,35mm,45mm,60mm,80mm

Better 2-Way Universal Tube Repair Patches

Product features:

1. For puncture repairs in every type of tire - bias or radial,tubeless or tube-type.
2. Chemically cures at room temperature or with heat and pressure.
3. Use with self-vulcanizing cement and plug filler material.
4. Various sizes meet your repair needs,dia 25mm,35mm,45mm,60mm,80mm
5. Edge color orange,red,black,green
6. It is easy to tear along the dotted line
7. Small size suitable for bicycle,motocycle
8. Long life

Product mode (case packing):

Model 09: 25mm,140pcs/case,100cases/carton
Model 10: 35mm,50pcs/case,100cases/carton
Model 11: 45mm,40pcs/case,100cases/carton
Model 12: 60mm,30pcs/case,100cases/carton
Model 13: 80mm,20pcs/case,100cases/carton

The result of tire patch vulcanized to inner liner:

If you have any specific requirements or further questions, feel free to let me know. Please Contact us.

Better Tire Repair

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