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Radial Repair Patches (USA-Style)

1. For repairs to radial ply passenger,light truck and truck tires

2. Suitable for crown,shoulder and sidewall repairs

Better Radial Repair Patches (USA-Style)

Product features:

1. For repairs to radial ply passenger,light truck and truck tires

2. Fuitable for crown,shoulder and sidewall repairs

3. Special cord and ply construction allows repair units to be centered over the injury

4. The vulcanized patch will not fall off and is tightly assembled with the inner liner of tire

5. Use with self-vulcanizing cement

6. Suitable for various chemical vulcanizing cement

Product models and specifications:

RP-10:   20pcs/box,50mmX70mm,1 cord ply,60 cases/carton

RP-10HD: 20pcs/box,65mmX80mm,1 cord ply,60 cases/carton

RP-12:   10pcs/box,60mmX110mm,1 cord ply,60 cases/carton

RP-12HD: 10pcs/box,70mmX120mm,1 cord ply,60 cases/carton

RP-14:   10pcs/box,75mmX145mm,1 cord ply,60 cases/carton

RP-20:   10pcs/box,75mmX125mm,2 cord ply,50 cases/carton

RP-22:   10pcs/box,75mmX165mm,2 cord ply,40 cases/carton

RP-24:   10pcs/box,75mmX220mm,2 cord ply,40 cases/carton

RP-26:   10pcs/box,75mmX250mm,2 cord ply,30 cases/carton

RP-33:   10pcs/box,100mmX125mm,3 cord ply,30 cases/carton

RP-35:   10pcs/box,125mmX150mm,4 cord ply,12 cases/carton

RP-37:   5pcs/box,125mmX170mm,4 cord ply,12 cases/carton

RP-40:   5pcs/box,100mmX200mm,4 cord ply,12 cases/carton

RP-42:   5pcs/box,125mmX250mm,4 cord ply,6 cases/carton

RP-44:   5pcs/box,125mmX330mm,5 cord ply,4 cases/carton

RP-45:   5pcs/box,180mmX230mm,5 cord ply,10 cases/carton

RP-82:   5pcs/box,180mmX440mm,5 cord ply,4 cases/carton

RP-84:   5pcs/box,200mmX350mm,5 cord ply,5 cases/carton

The result of tire patch vulcanized to inner liner:

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